Tanya Robertson is a practicing medical esthetician in Orange County, California and a highly sought-after expert in the skincare industry.  Her mindful approach to skincare aligns skin + self, the ultimate secret to healthy, vibrant skin.

Meet Tanya
Founder of  Skin Aligned

ignited by Tanya’s 10+ years of working with clients, hearing their stories and improving their skin. She  wanted to expand her reach beyond her clientele and provide everyone with a chance to experience that coveted post-facial glow each and every day. That desire led her to create a line of simple, yet effective products that not only pamper the skin, but also serve as a reminder to slow down, breath deep, and bring attention to the self.

Skin Aligned was a vision 

As a business owner and founder, Tanya is an innovator at heart, constantly testing new leading-edge ingredients that deliver life-changing results. With her treatment room as the proving ground, her goal is to release forward-thinking products that will continue 

to elevate the skincare industry as a whole.

Tanya (who just turned 43!) is a mother of three amazing children and through her example, she hopes to show them that women can be powerful and entrepreneurial without sacrificing family. With Skin Aligned, her passion is to help strengthen the relationships people have with their skin, and hopefully inspire them to 

breathe deep and manifest something  magical every day.

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